Devoted Husband, Father, Photographer, Middle School Teacher

Located in Amarillo TX, I’m a nature photographer dedicated to showcasing the landscapes and wildlife of Texas, more exclusively the Texas Panhandle. Located in Amarillo TX, I’m a portrait and nature photographer dedicated to showcasing the landscapes and wildlife of Texas, more exclusively the Texas Panhandle. I also strive to create the perfect portrait for your family. Capturing on camera the love and joy you have for each other. My goal is to produce a photographic experience unlike any other in the Texas Panhandle for all my clients.

God has given me the opportunity to wear many hats in life.  First and foremost, I am a man of God.  Through my dedication to Him, I’m a devoted husband, committed father, photographer and a hard working middle school teacher.  When given the opportunity, I have the great pleasure of combining my great loves- connecting with God through nature, spending time with family, and of course photography.  Through one of these awe inspiring trips, I placed 2nd place with the Sad Monkey Rock Formation at Sunrise in a contest the Palo Duro Canyon was holding during the summer of 2021. 

The extra time spent at home during COVID gave me perspective.  Through feeling stuck and out of shape, I realized that God was calling me to do more. God has given me the gift of creativity, but I had stopped pushing my creative borders.  One Sunday at church, I felt I was being pushed or called to do something special. Afterwards, I started going out with the camera and capturing images of the small-town water towers throughout the Panhandle. My family and I then moved on to road trips where I captured landscapes from the car. One road trip with my wife on a cold January morning  changed my perspective, it was a shot of a coyote crossing a half-frozen river. I knew from that moment that He was definitely calling me to do this for the rest of my life and to share my passion with the rest of the world.

A few weeks later I was out at the Palo Duro Canyon trying to get a sunrise shot. I had just spoken with another photographer a few weeks earlier that told me to not be like everyone else. So while other photographers were on the rim of the canyon at the overlook capturing the sunrise, I took a different approach and went to the canyon floor.  Capturing the sun glistening off the rock face of the Sad Monkey rock formation, it was the anchor in my heart that showed me my place was outdoors capturing these beautiful images God has placed for us to view. This experience cemented for me that photography is certainly where God is calling me.

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