Devoted Husband, Father, Photographer, Middle School Teacher

Based in Amarillo, TX, I am nature photographer committed to capturing the essence of Texas’ landscapes and wildlife, as well as the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico. I aim to deliver a unique photographic experience that stands out for all my clients.

Life has presented me with the chance to assume various roles. Above all, I am a servant of God. My commitment to Him shapes my life as a loving husband, dedicated father, passionate photographer, and diligent middle school teacher. When the opportunity arises, I delight in merging my passions—connecting with God through nature, cherishing moments with my family, and engaging in photography. On one such inspiring journey, I earned second place for my photograph of the Sad Monkey Rock Formation at sunrise in a competition held by Palo Duro Canyon in the summer of 2021.

The additional time at home during COVID-19 granted me a new perspective. Feeling confined and physically unfit, I sensed a divine call to action. God blessed me with creativity, yet I had ceased to challenge myself. One Sunday, a profound feeling at church spurred me to pursue a special endeavor. Subsequently, I began to photograph the quaint water towers across the Panhandle. This evolved into road trips with my family, capturing the landscape en route. A particular trip with my wife on a brisk January morning offered a transformative view—a coyote traversing a semi-frozen river. That moment affirmed my calling to dedicate my life to this craft and share my gift with the world.

Weeks later, at Palo Duro Canyon, I caught a unique sunrise photograph. Heeding advice from a fellow photographer to stand out, I avoided the crowded canyon rim and ventured to the canyon floor instead. There, I photographed the sunrise reflecting off the Sad Monkey rock formation, a moment that solidified my conviction that my true place was in the great outdoors, immortalizing the splendid vistas bestowed by God.

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